Chemicals and gas bottles for SEANA Cruise

Posted on Jan 20, 2022


Instrument Container Chemical list Check
CPC Bham Leeds BAS 2.5L Butanol (CAS 71-36-3) for each container ✅ ❌
HONO-LOPAP BAS 2L HCL (CAS 7647-01-0)  
    0.5kg NaOH (CAS 1310-73-2)  
    1L HNO3 (CAS 7697-37-2)  
    0.5kg sulfanilamide (CAS 63-74-1)  
    10g Azo dye  
    1 nitrate standard (CAS 14797-55-8)  
    40L DIW  
HCHO monitor Leeds Ammonium acetate (CAS 631-61-8) (Analytical purity+, 1000g/month)  
    Acetic acid (64-19-7) (Analytical purity, 40ml/month)  
    Acetylacetone (123-54-6) (Analytical purity,30ml/month)  
    Concentrated sulfuric acid (CAS 7664-93-9) (Analytical purity, 60ml/month)  
    Formaldehyde (CAS 107-21-1)) stock solution/standard solution  
    Potassium hydroxide (CAS 1310-58-3)  
    Alcohol (CAS 64-17-5)  
Api-ToF Bham Reagent grade nitric acid (CAS 7697-37-2, 70% w/w concentration or thereabouts, around 10 mL)  
PSM Bham Diethylene Glycol (CAS 111-46-6), about 500 mL. butanol (for CPC)  
AiRRmonia Outside container 20g Sodium hydroxide (CAS 1310-73-2, ACS reagent or AR grade; pellets)  
    20g Ammonium sulphate (NH4)2SO4 (CAS 7783-20-2, ACS reagent grade)  
HR-ToF-AMS Bham NH4NO3 (CAS 6484-52-2, product ID:22249-100G,2 bottles)  
    (NH4)2SO4 (CAS 7783-20-2, product ID:59845-25G,1 bottle)  
    NaCl (CAS 7647-14-5, product ID: PHR1321-5G, 1 bottle)  
    MSA (CAS 75-75-2, product ID:59510-1ML, 1 bottle) produced by Sigma  
PINE Leeds HPLC-grade water  
    Isopropanol (CAS 67-63-0)  
    Butanol (CAS 71-36-3)  
    Acetone (67-64-1)  
    Silicone oil  
    3M Novec 7500 Engineered Fluid (fluorinated oil)  
    Sphere Fluidics Pico-Surf surfactant (5% w/w in Novec 7500 fluorinated oil)  
    Drierite with indicator  
    Silica gel (orange indicating)  
    ATC Hexid A4 heat transfer fluid (containing water  
    propylene glycol (CAS 57-55-6)  
    fluorescein (trace, CAS 2321-07-5) and biocide (trace, CAS 25314-61-8) for a recirculating chiller  
Incubation OUC KH2PO4 (CAS 7778-77-0)  
    FeCl3 (CAS 7705-08-0)  
    ZnCl2 (CAS 7646-85-7)  
    HCl (CAS 7647-01-0)  
    C10H9O6P (CAS 3368-04-5)  
    NaCl (CAS 7647-14-5)  
    NaHCO3 (CAS 144-55-8)  
    Na2CO3 (CAS 497-19-8)  
    Na2B4O7·10H2O (CAS 1303-96-4)  
    glutaral (CAS 111-30-8)  
    8%parafomaldehyde (CAS 30525-89-4)  
    acetone (CAS 67-64-1)  
    OPA (CAS 643-79-8)  
    Anhydrous ethanol (CAS 64-17-5)  
    Na2SO3 (CAS 7757-83-7)  
    (NH4)2SO4 (CAS 7783-20-2)  

Gas bottles

Instrument Container Gas bottles
AMOF CO analyzer Bham 2500ppm CO2 in high purity argon
    nitrogen research grade
    a working standard for calibrations
AMOF NOx analyser Bham a working standard for calibrations
    nitrogen research grade
PTR-Qi-ToF Leeds PTR-MS gas standards, Apel-Riemer Environmental
Api-ToF Bham N5 (ultrapure) nitrogen gas. 3 ccm/min, a small cylinder
HONO - LOPAP BAS 2 cylinders (N5 purity, size L)
HCHO and N2O5 monitors Leeds 6 * 40L (100bar) nitrogen
    4L Helium
    2 * 8L NO
iDirac BAS 2 * 10L nitrogen cylinders (outside container)
    2 * 0.5 L cal gas bottles (insider container next to the iDirac)
Nephelometer Bham 4L CO2
SO2 analyzer BAS 3 * big (50L) zero air cylinders
    2 small (5L) 1 ppm SO2 standards.
Incubation OUC liquid nitrogen