HCHO, N2O5 monitors from Peking Uni.

Posted on Jan 19, 2022

Instruments from Peking University during the SEANA Cruise

  HCHO N2O5 j-values
Size 45×15×56cm
(fits in 19” std standard cabinet)
90×43×26cm 45×15×50 cm
(put a table in the container)
Weight 10kg <30kg 10 kg
Sampling flow 1 L/min 1-5L/min  
Sampling tube 1/4inch, PTFE
Length is determined to local situation
PFA, 1/4inch,<3m
needs to be filtered
(we will supply filter
head and filter membrane)
An UV receptor
(needs to be installed appropriately)
Power 220V, 150 W 220V,150W 220V, 100 W
Reagent needed - Ammonium acetate
( Analytical purity+, 1kg/month)
- Acetic acid
(Analytical purity, 40ml/month)
- Acetylacetone
(Analytical purity,30ml/month)
- Concentrated sulfuric acid
(Analytical purity, 60ml/month)
None None


化学试剂/ Chemicals

  1. 浓硫酸(分析纯),15 mL/次*10次=150ml
  2. 醋酸铵(分析纯及以上),385 g/次*5次=1935g,我们使用的是西格玛的
  3. 冰醋酸(分析纯),12.5 mL/次*5次=62.6ml,我们使用的是TCI的
  4. 乙酰丙酮(分析纯,避光保存),10 mL/次*5次=50ml,我们使用的是TCI的
  5. 10.3mg/L HCHO甲醛原液/标准溶液 1ml/次,下图标准溶液瓶是2ml一瓶,拆开后只能用一次,即需要5瓶标准甲醛溶液。 测试图片
  6. 1mol/L氢氧化钾: 清洗,10-40ml(使用注射器)
  7. 酒精(甲醛仪、CEAS、浊度计清洗需要,1-2瓶就够了)

气体/ Gas

  1. 氮气:


  2. CEAS - 氦气:4L
  3. CEAS - NO:10ml/l, 需要两瓶8L的NO
  4. Nephelometer - 二氧化碳:4L

设备/ Equipment

  1. 甲醛仪需要冰箱存放5L反应液R2,冰箱需要放在甲醛仪的边上。
  2. 大超声波清洗器
  3. 超纯水发生系统
  4. CEAS需要单独的进样口,进样管最好不超过1.5m;仪器开盖运行,温度不可过高

配件工具/ Tools

  1. 电子天平 测试图片
  2. 气体流量校准仪
  3. 针式过滤器+采样过滤膜,3-5个?针式过滤器和采样过滤膜需按照当地污染状况确定,>3-5。
  4. 蠕动泵管 备用1套?每月更换一次是换管子还是换一段?准备一套,每月更换一根新的管子。
  5. 扳手(6、7号)
  6. 内六角扳手(3mm, 1.5mm)、内球六角扳手
  7. 卡套接头 测试图片
  8. 验漏瓶

耗材/ Consumables

名称 用途 规格 数量 备注
移液枪或移液管 配制溶液 200μl、1ml、5ml 3 各1
棕色容量瓶 配制溶液 棕色100mL 8  
气体流量计 标定气体流量 0—10L/min 1  
烧杯(塑料) 配制溶液,日常维护 50ml、100ml、200ml 2  
电子天平 配置溶液 1台,1-500g 1  
注射器 日常维护,清洗 5mL、20ml 若干  
药匙 溶液配制 大号20cm 2  
封口膜 密封瓶口、管口等   若干  
铝箔 封口   若干  
防护   若干  

仪器功率/ Power consumption

电 源:供电电源:220VAC
重 量:10kg(不包括药剂)
尺 寸:550mm * 430mm * 280mm

English version

The estimation method of the chemicals required for the formaldehyde (HCHO) monitor:


  1. Concentrated sulfuric acid (analytical purity) 15 mL/time * 10 times = 150 ml
  2. Ammonium acetate (analyzed pure and above) 385 g/time * 5 times = 1935g, We are using sigma
  3. Glacial acetic acid (pure for analysis) 12.5 mL/time * 5 times = 62.6 ml, We are using TCI
  4. Acetylacetone (assay pure, protected from light) 10 mL / time * 5 times = 50 ml, We are using TCI
  5. 10.3mg/L HCHO formaldehyde stock solution/standard solution 1ml/time, the standard solution bottle in the following figure is 2ml bottle, which can only be used once after disassembly, that is, 5 bottles of standard formaldehyde solution are required.
  6. 1mol/L potassium hydroxide: wash, 10-40ml (using a syringe)
  7. Alcohol (formaldehyde monitor, CEAS, turbidity meter cleaning needs, 1-2 bottles are enough)


  1. nitrogen:

    HCHO monitor: 1L/min, 30-40 minutes of blank space per day, a total of 2000L is required (calculated by sampling 50 days, 40 minutes of blank space a day).
    CEAS: 200ml/min, a total of 14400L (calculated by sampling 50 days) such as 40L requires 5 bottles, CEAS nitrogen dosage is relatively large, can use liquid nitrogen to supply nitrogen.

  2. CEAS - Helium: 4L
  3. CEAS - NO: 10 ml/l, two bottles of NO of 8L are required
  4. Nephelometer - Carbon dioxide: 4L


  1. The formaldehyde meter needs to store 5L of the reaction liquid R2 in the refrigerator, and the refrigerator needs to be placed on the side of the formaldehyde meter.
  2. Large ultrasonic cleaner
  3. Ultrapure water generation system
  4. CEAS requires a separate inlet, the inlet tube is preferably not more than 1.5m; the instrument is operated with the lid open and the temperature should not be too high


  1. Electronic balances
  2. Gas flow calibrator
  3. Needle filter + sampling filter membrane, qty 3-5? Needle filters and sampling filter membranes need to be determined according to local contamination conditions, >3-5.
  4. Peristaltic pump tube Spare, 1 set? Is it a tube change or a section to change once a month? Prepare a set and replace a new tube every month.
  5. Wrenches (Size 6, 7)
  6. Hex wrench (3mm, 1.5mm), hex wrench
  7. Ferrule connector
  8. Leak detection bottles


Item Function Specification Qty Note
Pipette or pipette Prepare the solution 200μl,1ml,5ml 3 1 for each
Brown volumetric flask Prepare the solution Brown 100mL 8  
Barometer Calibration gas flow 0—10L/min 1  
Beaker (plastic) Preparation of solutions,
routine maintenance
50ml,100ml,200ml 2  
Electronic balance Placement solution 1 unit, 1-500g 1  
Syringe Daily maintenance, cleaning 5mL、20ml Some  
Medicine spoon Solution preparation Large 20cm 2  
Parafilm Seal bottle mouth, tube, etc.   Some  
Aluminum foil Seal   some  
Power free gloves/mask/alcohol/ Protection   Some  

Power consumption

HCHO monitor:
Power supply: power supply: 220VAC
Weight: 10kg (excluding agents)
Size: 550mm * 430mm * 280mm